RAIN-RWSN webinars looking back on 2014 and continuing in 2015

During 2014, RWSN and RAIN hosted a series of webinars on rainwater harvesting, initially as standalone events and then as part of a wider webinar series that also covered water point mapping and groundwater research in Africa. A summary of last year’s successful rainwater harvesting webinars is available for download here.

You can also watch recordings of the webinars. These can be found in the RWSN video collection at

The RAIN-RWSN collaboration is continuing in 2015, so there will be more to look forward to! RAIN and RWSN will continue to find new exciting case studies from around the world to showcase what can and is being done. Through these sharing opportunities they hope to spark new ideas and collaborations between individuals and organizations. In 2015 they will develop webinars in English, French and Spanish reach new audiences and share experiences from around the world.

If you have an idea for a webinar, or for a collaborative project based on the issues raised in this series, then the organizers would love to hear from you. Contact Robert Meerman, Hans Merton or Sean Furey.