RAIN set to make Real Difference with IFAD Grant

IFAD, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, provides the RAIN Foundation with a grant to carry out the global program Rainwater Harvesting for Food Security: Setting an Enabling Institutional and Policy Environment for Rainwater Harvesting. The RAIN Foundation is delighted with the opportunity the grant offers to make a real difference.

Although there are many RainWater Harvesting (RWH) focused organizations and networks, their projects and practices are scattered and disunited. It is still not widespread practice to share experience, resources and lessons or to join forces to influence policies. Likewise, there is as yet no sound knowledge management system for RWH. As a result, it is difficult for a non-initiate to determine which information to use and when RWH is an appropriate solution. This grant will make it possible to develop and manage a viable knowledge management system, as a means of bolstering highly valuable existing RWH initiatives.


In the next 2.5 years, RAIN will use this grant to realize three main objectives:
• strengthen and mobilize a range of existing RWH networks to undertake collective action
• develop global, regional and national inter-institutional learning systems on RWH
• reinforce innovative RWH approaches and mainstream these into quality enhancing operations


RWH tends to be exclusively associated with drinking water, whereas it holds vastpotential for other uses, such as kitchen gardening, food production, groundwater recharge, water retention at watershed level, and environmental uses. RAIN aims to contribute to these other uses.


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