Save the date: on 1 December we organize a brainteaser “Integrating REDD+ objectives in investment decisions”

Aidenvironment is pleased to announce an informative and interactive event on the topic of No Deforestation to be held on 1 December 2016 in het Tolhuis in Amsterdam. This Brainteaser brings stakeholders from different sectors together in a discussion session in which several speakers and a panel will address the issue of making private sector no-deforestation policies work.

Making no-deforestation policies of multinationals work in commodity sectors that have long been notorious drivers of deforestation is a considerable challenge. Documentation and motivation are often in place, but effective implementation is generally lacking. Although the responsibility for implementation lies largely with the companies themselves, other local and global stakeholders have an important part to play in creating an enabling environment for such policies. This includes aligning national and local community interests with no deforestation and adopting a legal framework, as well as integrating REDD+ and no-deforestation objectives into investment decisions.

This event is part of the Norad- funded RISC research project to convince institutional investors active in agriculture, forestry and other sectors that affect tropical forest to integrate REDD + objectives into their investment decisions. Aidenvironment and its partners are analyzing the sustainability risks of strategically selected companies in Africa and Latin America and identifying relevant key issues facing these commodity producers. The sustainability and financial risk assessments conducted under this research will serve as case studies to discuss the challenges and solutions in tackling deforestation, but they also aim to inspire a broader discussion on the essential ingredients needed for a successful no-deforestation policy in different contexts.

More details on the program and keynote speakers will be announced on the Aidenvironment website in the coming months. Be sure to mark 1 December in your agenda and write to Nienke Raap ( if you wish to attend or receive updates.