Support Programs and UTZ increase Indonesian Cocoa Farmer’s Performance and Motivation

Cocoa support programs in Indonesia have contributed to improved yield, product quality and farmer income. UTZ certified farmers, for instance, achieved average yields more than twice as high as non-certified farmers.  Together with conditioned access to support services and market access the UTZ certification led to increased farmer discipline and improved performance and self-esteem. At the same time very few certified farmers were close to sustainable yield levels. Our evaluation of UTZ’s impact in the sector identified a number of improvement areas which UTZ has since implemented, leading to better farming approaches, better access to markets, better income and a better life, better care for nature and better working conditions.

At sector level, UTZ, in common with other standards, has defined sustainability and developed accountability systems between farmers and consumers. They have been an important driver for more direct trading relationships and farmer support and organization – all conditions to promote sector-wide change. However, new models emerge in the Indonesian cocoa sector that aim to go beyond what certification systems defined as sustainable.

These are some of the results from the evaluation Aidenvironment conducted on the UTZ’s impact at farm and sector level in the Indonesian cocoa sector. In this evaluation, Aidenvironment used a unique mixed methods approach whereby survey data was collected and field observations, key informant interviews and focus group discussions were aligned and compared to establish the contribution of the program. This approach yields highly plausible evidence in answer to key research questions much more quickly and efficiently than traditional approaches.

UTZ appreciated the efficiency of the outcomes, the focus on both farm and sector level and quality of the outcomes and recommendations. The results of this evaluation are input for steps to further increase impact at farm and sector level.

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