The SAI Platform Farmer Self Assessment: The Bluetooth® of Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) is the main food industry initiative supporting the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide. Its members (50+) share their experiences and knowledge in a precompetitive environment and develop various services and tools, such as the Sustainability Performance Assessment (SPA) and the Farmer Self Assessment.

The SAI Platform Farmer Self Assessment is a tool for farmers to assess their sustainability performance. It has been developed to resolve inefficiencies and overlaps resulting from the different supplier codes and third party verification or certification schemes many food companies operate for the products they procure. These can make it a complex and costly business for farmers to supply several companies, each of which may have specific requirements. And for food companies, benchmarking or identifying gaps and similarities between company codes and other schemes is time consuming and cumbersome.


The Farmer Self Assessment is essentially an easy to answer list of questions addressing the most important topics in sustainability. It reduces assurance efforts at farm level and supply base level and promotes continuous improvement in sustainability performance. The aim is for the tool to become the common reference for sustainable production as defined by the global food industry.


Aidenvironment is supporting the SAI Platform during the development of the Farmer Self Assessment and is helping to execute a pilot phase to test it in the field. In cooperation with the SAI Platform, Aidenvironment is also developing a governance structure and the scheme rules for the Farmer Self Assessment, including rules for benchmarking of other codes and standards.


The Farmer Self Assessment is a great opportunity to align sustainability thinking in the food sector and, with global implementation as the goal, offers a unique chance to improve sustainability in agricultural production in the food industry throughout the world. Aidenvironment is proud to be part of this exciting journey!

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