The Strategic Fairtrade Funding Programme (SFFP)

Aidenvironment has evaluated for the Fairtrade network its donor support programme, referred to as the Strategic Fairtrade Funding Programme (SFFP), with donors of DFID, ICCO, Irish Aid, NORAD and SECO. The evaluation period was from 2009 to 2013 during which support was about € 21 million. The main intended outcome of the SFFP was that disadvantaged producers have a strengthened connection to consumers, improved market access and are empowered to combat poverty (MDG 1). The strategic funding mechanism implies that funds are not labeled for a particular activity but can be used within the organization as a whole in a flexible and unrestricted way. The evaluation accounted for the investments made and learning for improvement going forward, and was structured by a number of strategic themes:

•    Governance and organizational structure (including decentralization and strategic partnerships).
•    Strategic planning and financial system.
•    New Standards Framework and producer services.
•    Fairtrade Sourcing Program and commercial aspects.
•    Monitoring, evaluation & learning, and impacts.

The evaluation of progress per strategic theme shows that in spite of important progress made, several challenges remain. Fairtrade International’s leadership indicated that the evaluation accurately reflects the achievements and the areas where Fairtrade faces challenges. They also indicated that the report is a rich and constructive resource with targeted recommendations that will help move Fairtrade forward in developing and implementing its strategic framework beyond 2015.

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