Unlocking the Potential of Rainwater – Proceedings of the International Symposium 2015 in Ethiopia

In June 2015, RAIN and its partners organized a successful symposium in Ethiopia on unlocking the potential of rainwater. Participants from the public, private, and civil sectors exchanged ideas and inspiration on the opportunities rainwater offers to overcome water shortages. One of the outcomes of the conference was a declaration acknowledging the positive effects of rainwater harvesting.

The first International Rainwater Harvesting Symposium was held in Ethiopia from 1 to 12 June 2015. The Symposium was organized by ICRAF, RAIN, the Southern and Eastern Africa Rainwater Network (SearNet), AFRHINET and IFAD. The symposium participants and supporting organizations drew up a declaration calling on policymakers, donors, and practitioners to acknowledge the huge positive impact that rainwater harvesting at landscape level can make on climate resilience, food security, and WASH. The declaration is based on the premise that rainfall is an important manageable resource available for wider use. To increase the impact of rainwater harvesting, it should be scaled up and integrated into broader policies, strategies, and plans. The declaration urges the immediate development of effective policy actions at local, national, and regional level to support the mobilization and use of rainwater for food security and rural livelihood improvement.

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