Vacancy for Intern Data Processor (0.6-0.8 FTE)

Aidenvironment leads the Global Rapid Response Deforestation Monitoring (RRDM) System, in consortium with Waxman Strategies (a Washington-based advocacy consultancy). This project funded by Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), targets commodity buyers and commodity producers to adopt “no deforestation, no peat, no exploitation” (NDPE) policies. This will be done by producing high quality and credible rapid-response deforestation reports to identify in a short time span deforestation as it is happening in forests around the world. The reports are based on the aggregation of deforestation monitoring data and large publicly available datasets such as land ownership registration, concession data, conservation areas, corporate data, trade data, supply chain linkages, vegetation types and more. We use Satellite Imagery Analysis and Geo Information Systems (GIS) to organize the data.

As an intern data processor for Aidenvironment’s RRDM system you will be responsible for the organizing, cleaning, and processing of large data sets relevant to our RRDM project and GIS system. Working on these issues will give you the opportunity to learn about some of the key environmental issues of our time: deforestation, land use change, sustainable value chains and sustainable finance.

We are looking for a Master student with experience in working with large datasets, data mining/big data, and data processing. Moreover, we search someone who is enthusiastic to work on the topics of deforestation, sustainable value chains and finance.

Read the full vacancy here: Vacancy Intern Data Processor 7 May