Water and Energy Shops in Yokyakarta

Aqua-Aero Water Systems and PT Ruhaak Phala Industries have joined forces for the construction of water kiosks, selling low-priced purified drinking water and solar energy to poor people in Indonesia. Micro Water Facility, part of the Aidenvironment incubator, provides business development support and secures the financial means.

Founded in 2002, Aqua-Aero WaterSystems BV (AAWS) focuses on the development and marketing of sustainable solutions for a variety of water problems. AAWS, Ruhaak and Micro Water Facility are convinced that local entrepreneurship is vital to the realization of long-term sustainable water solutions. Local entrepreneurs understand the true needs of the local market and can take care of the marketing and sale of the products.

In 2012 the consortium is set to build 10-15 water shops which retail safe drinking water to the poor and delivering water to local businesses. Cross-subsidizing combined with a lean and mean business model will ensure prices remain affordable. Micro Water Facility will provide professional support to strengthen the business model and develop social investment proposals to attract financial resources.

For more information contact Frederik Claasen.