Water Saving Hot item in Vietnam

The SWITCH Asia MEET-BIS Vietnam seminar on water saving organized in Hanoi in March 2012 with local technology suppliers was attended by over 100 participants and covered briefly and in depth by Vietnamese television. New, affordable water saving technologies such as aerators and washers were presented to representatives from the hotel sector. At the close of the meeting, four large hotels and technology suppliers expressed an interest in buying the devices for their sanitary products.


The EU-granted SWITCH-Asia MEET-BIS Vietnam project seeks to promote sustainable production among urban based SMEs in Vietnam by supporting the market development of affordable water and energy efficiency technologies. The MEET-BIS project builds sales and marketing capacity with local technology suppliers, and works alongside them on the development of promotional activities targeting Vietnamese SMEs.


Since 2009, Aidenvironment has been a member of the MEET-BIS consortium, along with its international partners ETC Energy, Adappt (Triodos Facet), and its Vietnamese partners Research Center for Energy and Environment (RCEE) and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industries-Ha Minh Investment and Business Consultants, Inc. (VCCI-IBCI).


Vietnam and water are closely interconnected. Vietnam’s population is highly dependent on the rivers and their basins for farming, fishing and transportation. Contrary to popular belief, Vietnam does not have abundant water resources and is plagued by serious water shortages in many areas. In 2011 Vietnam was hit by drought and faced a severe nationwide water shortage that threatened agriculture and tap water quality. A policy advisor on climate change at the UN Development Programme in Vietnam stated that “the whole system has to understand that droughts will become more frequent and will only get worse,” while warning Vietnam that more efficient use of water resources is “more urgent than ever”.


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