Newsletter April 2015

teammember The work of Aidenvironment ranges from the local to the global and this newsletter contains some of both. Through RAIN, we do local work on land and water management in the Rwambu microcatchment. The approach used in the microcatchment has been successful and upscaling is now taking place in two ways: through geographical expansion and by integrating on-site experiences into the policies of the Ugandan Ministry of Water & Environment. The other end of the scale is represented by briefings on Oxfam’s new Water Governance Program, the market study of the water sector in 12 development countries, and the transformation of smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors. The risk assessment of Kuala Lumpur Kepong, a Malaysian palm oil company, and the introduction of our new staff member Cormac Petit complete this edition of our newsletter. Enjoy!

Introduction of our new staff member Cormac Petit

Cormac Petit joined Aidenvironment on April 1st as a Senior Consultant working together with Jan Willem Molenaar in the Sustainable Value Chain cluster.

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RAIN’s Environmental Sustainability Program a National Success in Uganda

In 2012, RAIN, Wetlands International and Joint Effort to Save the Environment (JESE), an Ugandan NGO, began the Environmental Sustainability pilot project as part of the Dutch WASH Alliance program in Uganda.

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Global Water Governance Program

Aidenvironment supported Oxfam and its partners during a five day strategic event held on 23–25 March in The Hague to launch a Global Water Governance Program. The objective of the new program is to give rural communities in river basins a fair share of water resources to sustain their livelihoods, now and in the future. Aidenvironment and the Water Governance Centre provided strategic advice on developing value propositions, presenting track records and making pitch presentations.

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Sector Transformation: Driving Sustainability Performance in Smallholder-Dominated Agricultural Sectors

Addressing sustainability issues in agro-commodity sectors is challenging, especially in those sectors that are dominated by smallholders. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) tasked Aidenvironment, NewForesight and IIED to explore how sustainability can be mainstreamed in sectors dominated by smallholders. The research took place in two phases, both of which are now complete.

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Analysis by Aidenvironment, Climate Advisers and Profundo of Palm Oil Producer KLK’s Profitable Business Model

Aidenvironment’s expertise and tools for sustainability analysis reveal opportunities to increase the positive impacts of investments – ‘do more good’ – and reduce the negative impacts – ‘do less harm’. A recent example of this expertise is the sustainability risk analysis of Malaysian palm oil producer Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK).

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Market Research in the Water Sector of 12 Developing Countries

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Water Partnership appointed Aidenvironment to carry out a market study in 12 developing and emerging countries to find opportunities and product market combinations that will strengthen the position of the Dutch water sector.

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We are a consultancy and incubator. As a consultancy we advise, support and encourage organizations in realizing their sustainability ambitions. As a hothouse, we set up smart, small-scale drinking water initiatives with the potential to generate high-impact solutions. Explore our four focal areas.

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