Newsletter May 2014

teammember After many years of increasingly close cooperation, Aidenvironment and RAIN – the Rainwater Harvesting Implementation Network – have merged. We celebrated the merger during a Hot Topic Event in the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam on 22 May.

The merger is formalized in the new consultancy cluster Water, Ecosystems and Business development (WEB), a joint initiative by Aidenvironment, RAIN and the Micro Water Facility. This cluster brings together our combined knowledge and skills in water management and ecosystems management to deliver sustainable solutions for your business cases at landscape and ecosystem level.

Linking Assurance, Learning, and Impacts in Voluntary Standards Systems

There is a growing awareness that current standards systems are too rigid and an impediment to progress in sectors where lack of capacity is a serious constraint in scaling up certification. Recognizing this challenge, the ISEAL Assurance Community, including representation from all ISEAL Full and Associate members, appointed Aidenvironment and Jinke van Dam Consultancy to identify models and lessons for improving the effectiveness of assurance in achieving a balance between compliance and learning.

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Project Management and Coordination of the Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors in Africa Program

From April to mid July 2014 Aidenvironment will be responsible for managing and coordinating the inception phase of the IUCN Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors in Africa program (SUSTAIN–Africa).

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Finance for Rainwater (FERN): Building a Public-Private Partnership to Support Economic Growth and Food Security in Nepal

Two Nepalese banks, Nirdhan Utthan Development Bank Ltd and Agricultural Development Bank Ltd , and two Nepalese NGOs, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal and Lumanti , are developing a multi-year program on microfinance and rainwater harvesting. RAIN and Aidenvironment initiated this program and are working to set up a strong partnership between public and private sector parties in Nepal.

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Impact of Malaysian Corporate Investment in Overseas Oil Palm Plantations

In 2013 Aidenvironment was contracted by Sahabat Alam Malaysia / Friends of the Earth Malaysia to assess the scale of Malaysian Overseas Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) in the oil palm plantation land bank, describe the sustainability impacts of ten selected investors, and assess how rogue overseas investors can be held accountable through legal and voluntary mechanisms.

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Rating Sustainability in Palm Oil Financing: Developing a Risk Assessment Framework

Chain Reaction Research (CRR), a partnership between Aidenvironment, Profundo and Climate Advisers, is assessing the sustainability and financial risks associated with the operations and expansion plans of oil palm plantation companies. By publishing and proactively promoting six in-depth analyst reports that go beyond the sustainability risk perspective, CRR aims to influence mainstream analysts in their thinking about the risks associated with investing in company groups that expand their oil palm plantation land banks in contested landscapes.

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We are a consultancy and incubator. As a consultancy we advise, support and encourage organizations in realizing their sustainability ambitions. As a hothouse, we set up smart, small-scale drinking water initiatives with the potential to generate high-impact solutions. Explore our four focal areas.

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