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teammember From Our New Amsterdam Director, Annemieke Beekmans

As the new director of our Amsterdam office, I am proud to share with you some of our work at the front line of sustainable development. Our teams based in our Amsterdam and Asia offices have been growing fast, allowing us to build on what we do well and innovate our services in sustainable value chain development, water and land management, and impact measurement. By working with critical NGOs, investments funds and palm oil companies, we have been able to make great strides forward in improving the sustainability of the palm oil industry in South East Asia. We also have a growing portfolio of private-sector frontrunners outside the palm oil sector who are keen to put sustainability policies into effect.

We encourage our clients and contacts – not only to “do less harm” but also to “do more good”. This is particularly evident in our monitoring and evaluation work, where we use the results to make programs and projects more sustainable.

These developments are highlighted in this newsletter. We also introduce our new staff members.

Asia Office an Increasingly Effective Player in Sustainable Palm Oil Industry

Our Asia office is an increasingly prominent player in the palm oil industry as a partner for improving sustainable practices. Aidenvironment’s Asia office currently employs 23 staff to cater for the rapid growth in assignments and partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Supply Chain and CSR Program for Plastic Waste Recycling Sector

Aidenvironment is proud to be involved in the development, testing, and implementation of a CSR program for PT Namasindo PLAS, a leading supplier of plastic resources to the Indonesian bottled water industry. The company is a frontrunner in this area and seeks to improve working conditions and the livelihoods of the waste pickers who provide the waste plastic for recycling.

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Business Model For Smallholder Service Delivery

Smallholders in developing countries typically face problems of low productivity, low quality crops, poor sustainability performance, and low incomes. A key factor in making a successful transition to viable and sustainable farming is ensuring they have access to quality extension services, inputs, and finance. For different clients Aidenvironment is developing business models for commercial and semi-commercial service provision. These business models provide essential information for developing a sustainable solution for both smallholders and service providers.

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Unlocking the Potential of Rainwater – Proceedings of the International Symposium 2015 in Ethiopia

In June 2015, RAIN and its partners organized a successful symposium in Ethiopia on unlocking the potential of rainwater. Participants from the public, private, and civil sectors exchanged ideas and inspiration on the opportunities rainwater offers to overcome water shortages. One of the outcomes of the conference was a declaration acknowledging the positive effects of rainwater harvesting.

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Opportunities for the Dutch Water Sector in Mozambique: In-Depth Market Information

In a follow-up to an elaborate market study in 12 Water OS countries, Aidenvironment combined two market studies of the Mozambique water sector. This provides a wealth of information for parties in the Dutch water sector looking for opportunities in Mozambique.

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Evaluating the Strategic Fairtrade Funding Program (SFFP)

Aidenvironment has evaluated the Fairtrade network’s donor support program, the Strategic Fairtrade Funding Program (SFFP). This evaluation supports Fairtrade in developing and implementing its strategic framework beyond 2015.

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New in Our Team

We are happy to inform you that four new consultants have joined Aidenvironment.

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We are a consultancy and incubator. As a consultancy we advise, support and encourage organizations in realizing their sustainability ambitions. As a hothouse, we set up smart, small-scale drinking water initiatives with the potential to generate high-impact solutions. Explore our four focal areas.

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