Analyze Successes and Lessons Learned of the Ecosystem Alliance Improved Livelihoods and Ecosystems 2014

For the Ecosystem Alliance, Aidenvironment analyzed a set of projects that aim for improvement of livelihoods and ecosystems, such as projects on Farmer Managed Natural Resource Management (FMNR) or mangrove restoration. The Ecoystem Alliance is a partnership between IUCN NL Committee, Both ENDS, and Wetlands International. The alliance helps local communities to manage and to use ecosystems in a sustainable way, by working through an international network of NGOs. The approach of the Ecosystem Alliance has three central elements: stakeholder engagement, i.e. involvement of local communities and Community Based Organizations (CBOs), benefits for ecosystems and livelihoods, and achieving policy changes.

Through the analysis of existing projects Aidenvironment identifies lessons learned and success factors that can be taken into account in the design of projects and programs for improving ecosystems and livelihoods. The insights obtained from this analysis are used for both internal learning of the alliance and for promoting the importance of ecosystem restoration projects.

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