Business development services supporting the growth of Aqua Aero Water Systems

MWF developed an investment memorandum to attract private equity to finance the growth of Aqua Aero Water Systems (AAWS). Part of this assignment was advising on the current business model and the financial modalities of the funds needed. MWF also developed a business plan that describes the setup and growth of AAWS business in Indonesia.

AAWS established Tulip Air, a water factory in Bali that provides water to hotels and villas. By putting a premium on the bottled water sales, Tulip Air is able to finance the setup of water shops, also called Toko Airs. These water shops build on a franchise network of other small-scale water entrepreneurs. The water shops produce water for the poor using the AAWS water treatment technology and are able to produce and sell good quality water at an affordable price. In the near future, 30 water shops will be created that can provide water for around 41,000 poor people. AAWS believes this model will scale up easily, providing a healthy business case to micro entrepreneurs and AAWS.