Developing a Sustainable Landscape in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

The Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes (ISLA) is a joint program between Aidenvironment, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and Fauna and Flora International (FFI). The program aims to develop a landscape with sustainable land and water management by companies, governments, and NGOs in West Kalimantan.  The landscape is currently under pressure by palm oil, mining and forestry activities. The program offers co-funding opportunities to leverage investments in sustainable value chain development, climate change, and governance.

Aidenvironment engages public and private actors in initiating intervention projects, either on-site or off-site, or on governance. Examples of projects are the development of a wildlife corridor between large forest areas, the rehabilitation and management of degraded peat land, or forest and peat land management with community involvement for developing production of rubber and non-timber forest products.

During inception a baseline study was conducted, which included mapping five sectors (palm oil, pulp & paper, mining, timber, and rubber). Over 30 maps have been created showing the exact locations of concession boundaries, peat land, and forest area. Key intervention areas have been selected and presented to companies.

A large number of companies, the frontrunners of sustainable palm oil production, NGOs, governments, and donors have shown interest in becoming part of the landscape program. In the coming months, intervention options will be made more concrete and new companies and other interested actors will be approached to engage with us as well.

More information about the ISLA program can be found here. To download the factsheet click here. To become partner in the program, please contact Peter de Haan. For more information contact Fenneke Brascamp.