Evaluation of Fairtrade from a Value Chain Perspective

Together with IIED and various experts, Aidenvironment has launched a study into the fairness of trade in a selection of food supply chains for the Fairtrade Foundation and Fairtrade Germany. The study involves a thorough analysis of Fairtrade and comparable non-Fairtrade supply chains, from producer to retailer. Findings will be used to determine future strategy and direction and to improve the positive impact of the Fairtrade model for its beneficiaries. One of Fairtrade’s aims is to support small producers and workers in developing countries through enhancing the ‘fairness’ of global trade. This includes developing consumer support for Fairtrade products, engaging with supply chain businesses, and requiring businesses to comply with Fairtrade standards for trade. To demonstrate its effectiveness and to ensure added value for all stakeholders, Fairtrade needs evidence of how it influences fairness and sustainability in supply chains, when compared with non-Fairtrade supply chains. The study is focused on the UK and German markets and includes four sectors: cocoa, tea, bananas and flowers. The research will include interviews with businesses in the UK and Germany and field visits to producers, traders and exporters in the producing countries.

For more information please contact Jan Willem Molenaar.