Evaluation of the Impact and Innovations of the Progreso Foundation 2014

Aidenvironment evaluated the Progreso Program for the DOEN Foundation. Progreso currently supports 70 sustainable Producer Organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The DOEN Foundation as a founder of Progreso wanted the evaluation to provide insights into the impact that Progreso has generated so far, the innovations it has spurred, and on main chances for the future to add value as a program in the sustainable development of these commodities and the smallholder producers.  The evaluation zoomed in on producer organizations in Peru and Uganda and focused on a selection of innovative projects. In order to conduct the evaluation desk research was combined with field visits and interviews with stakeholders in these sectors.

The evaluation observes a clear coherency between the strategy and the implementation of Progreso’s projects. The assessment of results, outcomes and impacts shows that Progreso is a relevant and effective organization for supporting producer organizations, with potential for sector wide changes towards more sustainability. Progreso’s clearly contributes in developing more credible organizations, leading to increased access to finance and markets for their members. Also several innovative projects supported by Progreso have been successful and have been scaled up and replicated elsewhere.

For further information please contact Jan Joost Kessler.