Gap Analysis for IFC’s Sustainable Productivity and Responsible Soy Project in Bolivia 2012

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) contracted Aidenvironment to conduct a gap analysis which will provide key input for the design of IFC’s Sustainable Productivity and Responsible Soy Project in Bolivia. The gap analysis will identify improvement areas in producer practices held up against the international Roundtable for Responsible Soy (RTRS) standard.
In addition, identification and analysis of motivating factors will afford an insight into how to bring about the required changes. Further, the gap analysis will provide the input for drawing up a proposal for a pilot exercise of good practice.
As in many South American countries, Bolivia has seen a significant increase in soy expansion over the past decade. Soy acreage more than doubled between 1995 and 2009. Santa Cruz is the main producing region for soybeans. Most soy is exported to other South American markets. As in other soy producing countries, sustainable production is commanding growing attention in Bolivia.
Given the current scale of production, up-scaling support initiatives, whereby private companies team up with civil society organizations, donors, government and financial institutions, are required to transform the Bolivian soy sector into a sustainable market. In order to realize effective up-scaling, it is important to identify current best practices as well as constraints and gaps in sustainable production, and based on that, enhance widespread adoption of the RTRS standard.
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