Green Inclusive Growth in Africa: a New IUCN Program 2014

Focusing on water and food security, land resources and climate change resilience, Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors in Africa (SUSTAIN-Africa) is a new IUCN program that will support action on sustainability and social inclusion in growth corridors in Africa. The current phase of SUSTAIN-Africa will run from 2014-2018, emphasizing delivery through partnerships. Aidenvironment supported IUCN during the inception phase of SUSTAIN with the design of the program, governance structure and M&E plan.

The SUSTAIN – Africa program is a new approach that focuses on sustainable growth of corridors; areas with intensive economic growth where development of natural resource based industries are prioritized because of their potential to capitalize growth. Over a time frame of 10 years, the program aims to develop and demonstrate climate resilient solutions for water security and inclusive land resource and agricultural development in growth corridors and areas of intensive economic development in Africa. The program is launched in the Southern agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania and has received funding from the Government of the Netherlands.

For further information please contact Annemieke Beekmans.