Programme on Sustainable Soy and Palm Oil 2003 – 2013

Since 2003 Aidenvironment has been managing the Programme on Sustainable Soy and Palm Oil (PSSP) on behalf of the Dutch DOEN Foundation. The main objective of the PSSP is to improve sustainability in the palm oil and soy sector for the benefit of nature conservation and socio-economic development of small-scale producers and local communities. Over the years Aidenvironment has developed a broad network of civil society organizations and frontrunning companies, working together to meet the programme’s objective. Aidenvironment facilitates the preparation of funding proposals, monitors the progress of the financed initiatives, measures impact and is responsible for the overall communication with partners. Aidenvironment also provides extra technical and/or organizational assistance where needed. At program level, Aidenvironment assisted DOEN in redesigning the program strategy and impact monitoring.

PSSP projects on soy are located in South America (mainly Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay). Its palm oil-related projects are located in Southeast Asia (mainly Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea). By early 2011, some 90 projects operated by 50 partners have enjoyed support under the program.
For further information please contact Jan Willem Molenaar.

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