Technical advice to Rotary Netherlands on rainwater harvesting

In a consortium with Aqua for All and Rotary, RAIN is responsible for a water program in Konso Woreda, Ethiopia. RAIN advices the local partner SEPDA on the execution of the project and brings it into contact with international technical partners. In addition, RAIN conducts monitoring and evaluation activities through the Rainwater Harvesting Capacity Center (RHCC).

In Konso Woreda a sand dam has been constructed close to a primary school with 700 students. These children will be the direct beneficiaries of the project because the water source will be available close to the school. Children can bring water to school as drinking water and for hand washing. They can also take the water back home after school. The project is supported by the Walking for Water program, in which Dutch children aged 10–15 are sponsored by family and friends to walk 6 kilometers while carrying 6 liters of water in a backpack.