Impact of the Dutch Economy on Indigenous Peoples: The Import of Soy from Brazil and Palm Oil and Tropical Timber from Indonesia and Malaysia

Indigenous peoples which are largely dependent on their natural environment for their livelihood are being hard hit by the increasing exploitation of natural resources to satisfy rising global economic demands as a result of the many negative impacts this has on the high biodiversity of their territories. This study is the first to systematically research and verify the suspected impact of the Dutch economy on the territories and well-being of indigenous peoples. Instigated by the Netherlands Centre for Indigenous People (NCIV), the study identifies and researches the most relevant sectors of the Dutch economy affecting indigenous peoples. In support of this work, Aidenvironment conducted two case studies in Indonesia (one on timber and one on palm oil). To assess the challenges and opportunities for protecting the livelihoods and well-being of indigenous peoples vis a vis selected economic activities, the case studies take a look at both good and bad practices. In addition, Aidenvironment produced maps charting the production areas and indigenous territories.

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