Sustainability of Current GM Crop Cultivation

Is the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops abroad as opposed to their non-GM crops counterparts for importation into The Netherlands in step with Dutch policy and societal intent to puruse more sustainable forms of agriculture worldwide and capitalizing on the benefits offered by biotechnology in a responsible manner?
The report “Sustainability of Current GM Crop Cultivation”, compiled by Crem and Aidenvironment and published by Plant Research International of Wageningen University, takes a probing look at this question. Three crops were selected for case study: soybean, maize and cotton. Based on a review of scientific and other literature, the sustainablility of GM and non-GM crop production was compared. The comparison followed characteristics and criteria associated with the ‘People, Planet, Profit’ sustainablilty concept.
The full report and a summary of the main conclusions are available in Dutch and English.

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