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Aidenvironment is a not-for profit research, advisory and implementing consultancy. We create sustainability impact in agricultural and forest landscapes across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Pull out the Stops on Remote Sensing for Small Scale Storage in the Western Sahel

The western Sahel is drying up, degrading and arable land is getting scarce. Yet, every year, water from arid upstream lands of the western Sahel causes downstream floods. In other areas large dams leave people downstream without water. This situation raises several questions.

By Judith Knibbe 2 days ago
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Advancing Data-Driven Decisions for Improved Water Security in East Africa

Aidenvironment is a member of the implementing team of the LASER PULSE East Africa Water Security (LPEA-WS) Project. Inaugurated in September 2020, this two-year project provides insights on the contribution of data to decision support systems to improve water resources (quantity, quality) management and, ultimately, water security in East Africa.

By Judith Knibbe 6 days ago
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Webinar: Evaluating the Universe of Risks in Indonesia Palm Oil

On April 15th, the Zoological Society of London SPOTT (ZSL SPOTT), Chain Reaction Research (CRR), and Orbitas hosted a webinar into the fundamentals for how financiers should analyze a broad range of risks amongst palm oil companies in Indonesia. A link to watch the webinar is now available.

By Judith Knibbe 6 days ago
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