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Aidenvironment is a not-for profit research, advisory and implementing consultancy. We create sustainability impact in agricultural and forest landscapes across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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First Insights of the LASER-PULSE East Africa Water Security Project

On May 6, 2021, the LASER-PULSE East Africa Water Security project held the first stakeholder meeting. Seventy-two participants attended the meeting. Participants provided valuable insights and suggestions on data, policy, and stakeholder engagement.

By Judith Knibbe 5 days ago
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Three Industrial Tree Plantation Group Companies Responsible for 4,700 ha Forest Loss in Indonesia

Just three pulp and paper companies in Indonesia were responsible for around 4,700 hectares of forest clearing during the first half of 2021, analysis by Aidenvironment shows. The figure indicates Indonesia is on its way to matching 2020’s deforestation figures, when just five companies were responsible for 13,000 hectares of forest loss. The three groups clearing the most forest in 2021 are Nusantara Fiber, Alas Kusuma and Moorim Group.

By Judith Knibbe 3 weeks ago
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Water Resource Management for WASH: Strengthening Communities for Climate Resilience

Northern Uganda experiences floods and droughts, impacting water supply, hygiene and health, and livelihoods. These floods and droughts seem to become more extreme, possibly linked to climate change. In the framework of the WASH SDG programme, Aidenvironment together with AMREF Flying Doctors and Simavi (all members of the WASH Alliance International), has piloted a solution to this problem in 2018.

By Judith Knibbe 1 month ago
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