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Aidenvironment is a not-for profit research, advisory and implementing consultancy. We create sustainability impact in agricultural and forest landscapes across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Aidenvironment assists with catchment planning in the Philippines

The Philippines are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The Baoy Catchment in Surigao Del Norte Province on Mindanao is no exception. Current water-related issues in the catchment include for example flooding, saltwater intrusion and siltation of rivers and irrigation infrastructure. These issues will probably get worse in the future due to climate change and deforestation.  

By Judith Knibbe 4 days ago
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Aidenvironment supports Repórter Brasil and the protection of journalism against online and physical attacks

Repórter Brasil, one of our vital partners in Brazil, is under attack. In the past days, attackers took down Repórter Brasil’s website and attempted to break into their office in São Paulo (Brazil). These attacks and threats are unacceptable. Aidenvironment, as a partner of Repórter Brasil hereby states its deep concern for this situation and we reaffirm our continued support to Repórter Brasil’s work.

By Judith Knibbe 2 weeks ago
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Webinar: South Korea’s Ties to Unsustainable Palm Oil

Join CRR and special guest Shin Young Chung from Advocates for Public Interest Law South Korea for this webinar to discuss the ties between South Korea and the unsustainable palm market through production, consumption, and finance.

By Judith Knibbe 2 weeks ago
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