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Aidenvironment is a not-for profit research, advisory and implementing consultancy. We create sustainability impact in agricultural and forest landscapes across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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PT Hutan Produksi Lestari continues to clear Orangutan Habitat in Indonesia

The Indonesian company PT Hutan Produksi Lestari has cleared 755 hectares of forest between January and August 2021. This makes it the fourth largest deforester for industrial trees in Indonesia in 2021 so far. Since January 2020, the company has owned an industrial tree concession of 10,050 hectares in Kapuas district, Central Kalimantan province. The concession falls within the habitat of the Critically Endangered Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus).

By Judith Knibbe 1 week ago
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Our October 2021 Newsletter is Out Now

Our October 2021 Newsletter is Out Now

By Judith Knibbe 2 weeks ago
Meet our new team members

East Africa Office Sarah Nulamansi   Fenet Mekonnen Fenet holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management. She joined Aidenvironment in June 2021 as a young expert/project officer for the Green Future Farming program at Middle Awash Oromia, Ethiopia. She is based at the Doni field

By Judith Knibbe 2 weeks ago
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