Contributing to SDG 6: We Just Visited Bangladesh For The WASH SDG Programme

WASH SDG Programme
RAIN is a consortium partner in the Wash Alliance International. Since 2018, the Wash Alliance International is implementing the WASH SDG Programme. The WASH SDG Consortium has been granted 59 million euro by the Dutch government to implement water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The WASH SDG Programme responds to the Dutch commitment to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 6, with the aim to reach an improved WASH situation for all.

One of the countries where RAIN is working with international and local partners in implementing the WASH SDG Programme is Bangladesh. In February 2019 a mission was held to discuss specific support which RAIN will be providing to three local partners:
– Hope for the Poorest,
– Development Organisation of the Rural Poor (DORP),
– Stichting Land Ontwikkelings Project Bangladesh (SLOPB)

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Hope for the poorest
Hope for the Poorest is a sister organization of ASA / ASA International, which is a micro finance organization, providing small credit to communities and entrepreneurs in 18 countries with origins in Bangladesh. Hope for the Poorest implements WASH projects in Bangladesh and is interested to show that drinking water from rainwaterharvesting can be a good and sustainable solution. RAIN will be provide training and technical expertise to Hope for the Poorest in designing and constructing and rainwater harvesting tanks in 15 communities. It is the intention that the microfinance organization ASA, will use the experience from this project and develop a microfinance instrument which households can access to pay for the construction of a rainwater harvesting system.

DORP is an NGO which is implementing WASH activities in two districts in Bangladesh (Barguna and Satkhira). In these districts DORP is providing assistance to the Municipalities, Unions and Upazilas on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). DORP has requested RAIN to train its staff on DRR and provide support during the training of the Union and Upazila Disaster Risk Management Committees as well as CSOs, Youth Groups. RAIN will work with DORP in the design and implementation of these DRR trainings.

SLOPB is an NGO with origins in The Netherlands, which has grown into a well established NGO in Bangladesh, active in the following fields:
– Water supply
– Operating a hospital
– Agriculture
– Microcredit
SLOPB has requested RAIN to support in the development of a Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy for the organization. RAIN will be guiding the development of the DRR strategy and the action programmes which follow from the strategy.

Fore more information, please contact Rommert Schram.