Aidenvironment finalist in Global Forest Watch User Story Contest

Aidenvironment participated in the annual Global Forest Watch (GFW) User Story Contest making it to the finals. Aidenvironment uses the GFW platform to observe and process the deforestation alerts across different tropical forest for two projects; Chain Reaction Research and the Rapid-response Deforestation Monitoring System.

On their blog, GFW said about Aidenvironment:

Accounting for the costs of deforestation
Is there profit in cutting down a tree? Aidenvironment is investigating the financial risks of deforestation.

Aidenvironment is a non-profit consultancy that conducts research on sustainable trade and production. They’ve been using GFW data in two of their projects to help convey the financial risks of deforestation, putting it into terms that might be compelling to a profit-driven organization. In their Chain Reaction Research project, they focus on the main deforestation-related commodities including palm oil, soy, cattle, coffee, cacao, timber pulp and paper. The reports are intended for financial analysts, credit analysts, commercial bankers, institutional investors, corporations and other stakeholders.

Their second project—The Rapid-Response Deforestation Monitoring System— uses GLAD alerts and tree cover loss data to provide near-real-time reports on deforestation in Brazil, with the aim of urging commodity buyers and producers to adopt and implement no-deforestation policies.”

For the full article visit the GFW blog

For more information regarding Chain Reaction Research, please contact Tim Steinweg

For more information regarding Rapid-response Deforestation Monitoring System, please contact Marco Garcia