Aidenvironment visits South Piauí, Brazil

Recently, Joana Faggin (Senior Consultant) was in Brazil for a visit to South Piauí, in the Matopiba region of Cerrado biome. The trip was organized by Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos, a local partner in some of the sustainability risks analysis that Aidenvironment developed in the scope of Chain Reaction Research. Other international partners and funders of Rede also joined.

Joana visited local communities, including an Indigenous Territory, that is directly affected by the large-scale production of soy and cotton in the region. The Indigenous communities live in areas known as “Brejo”; lowlands around water sources. The soy and cotton farms are in the highlands. The occupation of the highlands by agriculture commodity production directly affects the livelihood of these communities as they used to seasonally occupy the highlands for animal pasturing and other forest linked activities. Additionally, other direct impacts, such as water source availability and contamination, and health problems caused by pesticides, were seen during the visit.

Photo: Joana Faggin

A meeting was held with a Federal Prosecutor and civil society organizations who requested an investigation on conflicts and direct impacts of the large-scale agriculture commodity production in South Piauí on local communities’ livelihood.

Lastly, meetings in Brasília and São Paulo with current and potential partners within the Rapid Response and the Chain Reaction Research scopes, were included as well.

For more information, please contact Joana Faggin.