Igunga Eco-villages project reaches final phase

The Igunga Eco-villages project in North-West Tanzania is building resilience into vulnerable rural Tanzanian communities through reduced poverty and improved adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change. The EU funded project has been running for 4.5 years and is now in its final phase. In August this year Niels Lenderink visited Igunga to take stock.

The project is being implemented by a consortium consisting of Heifer, Aqua for All, Acacia Water, Meta Meta, and RAIN. Two of the pilot projects can be seen in the pictures. One is a subsurface clay dam, which will retain groundwater upstream and thus recharge the hand dug wells along the river bed. This dam was built by the local communities. Local authority staff have been trained to monitor the yield of the wells. The second is a slow sand filter, constructed by a trained artisan for use at home. Some of the trained artisans are receiving more and more orders to construct these filters at other households.

Other technologies have been implemented as well, but more important is that local artisans are being trained to reproduce them in other areas.

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