Proof of concept: 3R as a climate change adaptation measure for coastal communities

Past August Maarten Onneweer on behalf of RAIN, facilitated a workshop and evaluated the impact seeing if positive proof of concept could be given to use 3R as a means to develop a method to climate proof vulnerable areas In Coron, Palawan, the Philippines .

Simple recharge and retention measures

Saltwater intrusion, rising sea levels and dropping freshwater levels have greatly impacted the island, aggravated even more by typhoon Haiyan. The coastal communities in the typhoon affected areas built a number of 3R interventions (retention, recharge and reuse of water) designed to recharge the shallow groundwater levels in the coastal areas where drinking water is drawn from.

With 60 NGO and GO workers from all over the Philippines the functionality of the measures was assessed and debated. Main takeaway, the structures are simple, effective and reduce the impact of the climate hazards people experience.

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