Aidenvironment presents Indonesian spin-off: Earth Equalizer

Aidenvironment proudly announces a new phase in its development in Asia. From early 2020, a substantial part of its present Indonesia office’s activities will be carried out by a new, independent foundation. The establishment of Earth Equalizer will enable both organizations to step up efforts in Asia to combat deforestation. Our current clients and contracts will not be affected.

A spin-off driven by success
“What started off ten years ago as a small office with a few pioneers, has now become a trusted name in the business”, says Annemieke Beekmans, Executive Director of Aidenvironment. “This spin-off is the result of our hard work in Asia. The founding of Earth Equalizer opens a world of new opportunities for both parties. The move allows us to take the next step in monitoring deforestation and to position ourselves with even more focus in varying markets. Together we can be a bigger force for good in the palm oil sector.”

A continuing partnership
Once the spin-off is completed in early 2020, Aidenvironment and Earth Equalizer will enter into a partnership in which our activities will be complementary. Earth Equalizer will take ownership of and be managing its data set on palm oil, by means of a subscription model. Aidenvironment will remain focused on mostly internationally financed consultancy and advise on making trade and production more sustainable.

“We are proud to announce the registration of Earth Equalizer. This development is recognition that Indonesia must take responsibility for the commodity supply chains that our companies and smallholders feed into. Earth Equalizer is now best positioned to assist stakeholders to conserve and recover forests, and diversify landscapes in which oil palm is grown.” Adri Zakaria, Chairman Executive Board Earth Equalizer

Current contracts unaffected
Earth Equalizer is expected to start its activities in the first quarter of the new year. Its establishment and operations will not affect Aidenvironment’s current clients or contracts in any way. Teams and leads assigned to projects will continue their work coordinated by Aidenvironment. They will do so with unwavering enthusiasm.

Dedicated to making 2020 a decisive year in our joint efforts to stop deforestation!