Soy and Beef Deforestation Benchmark shows limited progress

In December 2019, Aidenvironment concluded its 2019 Soy and Cattle Deforestation Benchmark. This project was an update of earlier benchmarks conducted in 2017 and 2018 and assessed the quality of corporate action to halt deforestation in the soy and cattle supply chains. The benchmark, commissioned by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), aimed to provide investors with useful information for collaborative shareholder engagements.

The results, made available to the members of the Investor Initiative for Sustainable Forests, a joint PRI/Ceres working group, show a worrying lack of meaningful progress. The average scores of the 50 companies that were assessed in 2019 improved only marginally, and showed a lot of room for improvement. In the context of rapidly rising deforestation and wildfire rates in the soy and cattle producing areas in Brazil, and in the context of the upcoming 2020 deadline for most corporate zero-deforestation commitments, the call for action is arguably more urgently needed than ever before.

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