Inclusive Trade Scan for Businesses, NGOs, Governments, and Donors

Many businesses make great efforts to build inspiring, inclusive agribusinesses or inclusive value chains, but they simply take the trading environment as a given, accepting that it may sometimes be helpful – but often not. Yet this environment is often crucial for their chances of succeeding in being inclusive.

To support existing and new agribusiness initiatives in their aim to become more inclusive, Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation and Aidenvironment has developed a tool called the Inclusive Trade Scan. The scan helps agribusinesses to investigate inclusiveness and how the trade environment can help or hinder it. It is also relevant for governments developing strategies for agriculture and setting investment priorities, for donors (such as embassies and philanthropic funds) investing in trade measures and aid-oriented initiatives, and for international NGOs implementing projects at all levels. The scan can also help companies to identify the market conditions that offer the best opportunities for creating more space for inclusion.

The scan was developed as part of the 3R (robust, reliable, resilient) – from Aid to Trade project. This project draws lessons from the Dutch Embassy program in Agriculture and Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) on competitive agri-food sectors in Kenya.

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