Rock Catchment Provides Drinking Water to Akwang Village, Uganda

RAIN (a brand of Aidenvironment), with support from the WASH SDG – Uganda WASH Alliance sub-program, is implementing the ‘’rock catchment’’ initiative to improve the availability of drinking water for communities in Agago District in northern Uganda. On 13 February 2020, RAIN commissioned the Akwang rock catchment in Akwang village, Tar parish, Paimol Subcounty.

The rocky soils in the district make it difficult for the communities to access groundwater, and where boreholes can be sunk, they often fail due to overuse. Under the initiative, run-off water from the surface of a rock outcrop is channeled through gutters to a ferrocement tank (100,000 liters). Before it reaches the tank, the water is passed through a filtration chamber filled with sand and stones of varying sizes. From the tank, the water is piped to tap stands where it is made available to the community.

The construction of the rock catchment rainwater-harvesting tank in Akwang village was made possible by funding from the WASH SDG program and co-funding from the Wilde Ganzen Foundation through the Rotary Club of Naalya, Kampala.

About 1,550 people will benefit from the project. Three tap stands have been installed in the community, including one at a school. RAIN trained five local masons in the skills needed to build and install the water supply system. A water user committee and an existing community water board were also trained in catchment protection, financial management, in-situ water quality testing, and operation and maintenance to ensure the continuity of the project.

For more information, please contact: James W Kisekka, Team leader, Aidenvironment East Africa or Tumuhaire Raymond