NDPE Policies Cover 83% of Palm Oil Refineries; Implementation at 78%

Nearly all large palm oil companies have made public commitments to No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE). Along with market conditions and government measures, NDPE policies have contributed to lower deforestation for palm oil.

As part of the Chain Reaction Research consortium, Aidenvironment analyzed the implementation of NDPE commitments. The analysis found that NDPE policies cover 83% of palm oil refining capacity in Indonesia, but coverage falls to 78% due to weak implementation. Gaps in implementation increase deforestation risk in global supply chains.

This latest report offers insight into the status and implementation of palm oil actors, including leakage actors without NDPE commitments or with weak implementation of such commitments. The report aims to inform investors, NGOs, and media stakeholders of deforestation risk, so that they can demand for more effective NDPE implementation from companies in the palm oil sector.


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