A new collaboration between Aidenvironment and Mapbiomas Alerts

Aidenvironment has just officialized a non-financial collaboration with Mapbiomas in Brazil.

Mapbiomas is an initiative from the Climate Observatory, a network of more than 30 Brazilian Civil Society Organizations. They developed a robust methodology for mapping land-use change in the Brazilian territory that is publicly available through their online platform. A parallel initiative is the Mapbiomas Alerts, which processes the most recent alerts of deforestation, checking its links to the auto-declared registration, CAR, part of the Forest Code implementation.

The aim of Mapbiomas Alerts is to give a reliable and consolidated analysis of deforestation in a more real-time approach. This partnership is going to give a much higher quality in imagery analysis to the Aidenvironment work on linking recent deforestation to the agricultural commodities supply chain; our Rapid Response initiative. With this, Aidenvironment aims to enhance the connection of the work of Brazilian organizations to international initiatives, improving quality and potentializing outreach of both sides.


For more information, please contact Joana Faggin