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3R Kenya project: a systems approach to transition from aid to trade

Aidenvironment facilitated a meta-analysis which unraveled the different drivers of sector transformation with a focus on the aquaculture, dairy and horticulture sectors in Kenya. To do so, a systematic and holistic approach was taken to detect the root causes that hamper the transition from aid to inclusive and sustainable trade. The approach uses a framework that is based on the interplay between systemic issues within three systems: the food supply chain system, the institutional governance system, and the innovation system. As the performance of identified systemic issues improves, the sector will become more mature, contributing to more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive food supply.

The summary brochure of this meta-analysis shows the 3R systems framework that was used and the resulting practical suggestions to support the transition, thus bringing together the results of the 3R Kenya studies.

Are you also interested in applying this approach in your country or programme, please contact Jan Joost Kessler