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Aidenvironment Launches Project to Transform the Indonesian Pulp and Paper Sector

On 1 September 2020, Aidenvironment launched a new project entitled “Corporate Transformation in Indonesia’s Pulp and Paper Sector.” The two-year project, funded by the Good Energies Foundation, aims to stimulate the sustainable transformation of key pulp and paper companies through monitoring, research, and engagement.

The pulp and paper industry is one of the “big four” drivers of global deforestation. In South East Asia in particular, the expansion of industrial tree plantations often involves destruction of standing forest. In addition, the sector faces significant sustainability challenges concerning fires, human rights violations, and peatland subsidence.

Aidenvironment aims to reduce deforestation by influencing the practices of key corporate stakeholders in the pulp and paper supply chain and promoting market-based incentives for forest-positive production, trade, and consumption. Project activities include:

  • creating near real-time transparency on deforestation, corporate ownership and supply chain relations;
  • introducing business risk concepts to enhance strategic engagement with influential stakeholders;
  • urging cross-commodity implementation of palm oil traders’ NDPE policies;
  • developing and implementing influencing strategies targeting key pulp and paper companies.


In the first months of this project, we will invest in the development of an internal dataset on industrial tree concessions, corporate ownership and structures, and supply chain relations. We will also conduct in-depth market studies and analyze sustainability risks and opportunities.

For questions or comments on this project, please contact Tim Steinweg