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Our October 2020 Newsletter out now!

If anything, the current times show how important a sustainable world is. It is our mission to help create this world. This newsletter shows examples of how we are doing this through monitoring deforestation, improving the standard of living for smallholders and increasing access to water supply in arid, barren areas.  

The Aidenvironment Team

In this issue:
  • “Going Bananas” to Restore Productivity and Food Security in the Philippines
  • Green Future Farming for Dynamic Rural Economies in East Africa
  • Guiding Seed Sector Transformation in Ethiopia
  • 3R Kenya Project: a Systems Approach to Transition from Aid to Trade
  • Further Funding allows Aidenvironment to continue its Focus on Palm Oil Leakage Markets
  • Aidenvironment Launches Project to Transform the Indonesian Pulp and Paper Sector
  • JBS Announces Monitoring Program Following Chain Reaction Research Report on Deforestation Risks
  • Meet our new Team Members