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Aidenvironment is looking for a New Supervisory Board member



Aidenvironment is looking for a new member of their Supervisory Board as the term of one of the Supervisory Board members expires.

About Aidenvironment

Aidenvironment is a not-for-profit research, advice and implementing consultancy. We address climate change and create sustainability impact in agricultural and forest landscapes across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Our expertise is focused upon:

  • Improving land and water use in vulnerable areas,
  • Stopping deforestation by monitoring agricultural supply chains,
  • Addressing social and environmental issues at sector level.


Aidenvironment works internationally and has three offices with a team of 45 experts. We earn an income through a mix of consultancy assignments, implementation of projects and grants.

On the three offices:

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands → the organization was founded in 1988 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently 20 people are employed working on international assignments in the three areas of expertise. The team works with private foundations to stop climate change such as IKEA Foundation and Good Energies Foundation and implements short term consultancy assignments for civil society organizations to evaluate programs and provide technical advice.
  • Jakarta, Indonesia → A representative office in Indonesia was established 10 years ago and focuses on deforestation issues in the palm oil and pulp and paper sector in South East Asia. Our services range from supply chain monitoring to designing landscape programs for restoration. We work with private sector companies as well as private foundations such as the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. This office now employs 12 persons, after a restructuration in 2020. Until February 2020 this office employed approximately 50 staff members, when a spin out took place, and a new independent local NGO was set up. This NGO, Earth Equalizer, is completely independent from Aidenvironment, but good working relations are being maintained.
  • Kampala, Uganda → In 2018 Aidenvironment opened a representative office in Uganda, focusing on sustainable water and land use in East Africa. While in 2019 a small team of 4 people was employed, currently there are 12 employees. The team has ambitions to grow their portfolio of clients and funders, especially to provide solutions around changes in land use.


Governance structure of Aidenvironment

The Foundation Aidenvironment is registered in Amsterdam. The management of Aidenvironment is entrusted to the General Director (Managing Board). The General Director is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has the final responsibility for strategic leadership, oversight, and management of the entire organization.

The Managing Board is supported by a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board supervises the policy pursued by the Managing Board, the Managing Board’s performance of its managerial duties and the company’s general course of affairs.

The country offices in Asia an East Africa are managed by a country representative. The country representatives report directly to the General Director of Foundation Aidenvironment on the operations and management of the office.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the policy and the general course of affairs of Aidenvironment and advises the Management Board. The Supervisory Board also appoints the General Director. The membership of the Supervisory Board is a volunteer position and as such is compensated by an expense allowance of €400 per meeting. The Supervisory Board meets 4-5 times a year. Online meetings have become frequent since the Covid-19 pandemic

The Supervisory Board of Aidenvironment consists of four members. Members of the Supervisory Board are independent and take account of the interests of all stakeholders of the organization. Members are appointed for a period of four years and may then be reappointed once for a period of four years. One member will end his term and will be replaced in December 2020. The following link provides information on the current Supervisory Board members.

General profile of Supervisory Board members:
  • Proven administrative and supervisory qualities and experience,
  • Committing to the objectives and goals of Aidenvironment, as well as to the responsibilities and tasks of the Supervisory Board,
  • Having access to relevant functional networks,
  • Fulfilling a role as advisor and sounding board to the Management Board, and therefor combining a thorough, critical, independent attitude with modest and determined advisory skills,
  • Guaranteeing effective supervision of Management Board,
  • Making the time needed available to fulfil his or her duties within the Supervisory Board.


Profile new Supervisory Board Member

The composition of the Supervisory Board should reflect diversity and complementarity in terms of individual member profiles. Up to now, Supervisory Board Members have been Dutch, but given the international character of Aidenvironment, there is a preference for a member from one of the other countries where Aidenvironment now has offices: Uganda or Indonesia.

In addition, the new Supervisory Board member has preferably experience in the following areas:

  • Supervisory Board and /or management experience, preferably in international NGOs,
  • Financial expertise,
  • Proven knowledge of/ affinity with the areas in which Aidenvironment is working.

For more information and/or to submit your interest, please contact:


Application deadline is 16 November 2020