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Aidenvironment mentioned as guiding pathway to sustainable banking

Aidenvironment, as a member of the Chain Reaction Research (CRR) consortium, has been recognized as a solution for sustainable banking in a report aimed at global financial institutions.

In the report “A Guideline on the use of Deforestation Risk Mitigation Solutions for Financial Institutions” from the Sustainable Finance Platform of De Nederlandsche Bank , CRR was mentioned as one of nine examples of how financial institutions can analyze and mitigate their impact on deforestation. This is recognition of our work as an organization on sustainability risk analyses in multiple soft commodity sectors, including palm oil, beef, soy, timber pulp, paper, cacao and coffee.

We have built up a considerable expertise in these sectors by writing company specific reports e.g. P&G, Walmart, JBS, and broader overviews of the issues related to that particular sector e.g. shadow companies in palm oil, connection between agricultural commodity deforestation and fires in Brazil This is then combined with financial and business risk analyses in the CRR consortium to both highlight the risks of deforestation, and present more sustainable alternatives for financial institutions and investors.

The aforementioned report can be found here.