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Enabling Conditions and Effective Sustainability Strategies

ISEAL, the global organization for sustainability systems and accreditation bodies, and Aidenvironment have developed a guide to designing effective strategies for sustainability initiatives based on the global, national, or local context in which they are applied.

The context within which sustainability initiatives operate can influence the scale, depth, and durability of the sustainability improvements they are seeking. The new guide will help ISEAL’s members to design effective and appropriate strategies by systematically considering the context when defining a strategy or intervention, and to reflect on how existing strategies can be made more successful.

The guide provides support on considering context more prominently in an organization’s Theory of Change and management cycle. It helps them to understand what external conditions can affect the potential impact of its strategies and to think about possible choices and design options for strategies in relation to a particular context. The guide consists of a decision-making framework based on a simple classification of value chain or systemic improvement strategies.

See here for the guide.

For more information, please contact Jan Willem Molenaar