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Rapid Response flagging beef and soy deforestation

Aidenvironment produces a monthly basis Report through a partnership with Mighty Earth. The Rapid Response Reports explores real-time deforestation cases that can be linked to specific soy and beef traders operating in Brazil. The most recent one, Report 19, can be found here.

The Rapid Response Report 19, based on deforestation alerts detected by Deter/Inpe during September 2020, explores 10 specific cases that cover a total of 13,700 hectares of deforestation, of which 9,400 ha were in Amazon biome and 4,300 ha in Cerrado biome.

The images below show deforestation in one of the Report’s cases, Fazenda Ceita Corê do Xingu, in São Félix do Xingu (Pará), a property of almost 90,000 hectares operated by Grupo Umuarama. The images show fire events that resulted in the clearance of 4,900 hectares of the property in September 2020. This property is an indirect supplier of Masterboi, JBS, Minerva, Frigol and Marfrig with slaughterhouses in Southern of Pará state.

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