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IES4GIRE project in Mali closed, awaiting end evaluation report

At the end of 2020 the IES4GIRE (Reinforcing Capacities of Institutions of Higher Education in Integrated Water Resources Management) project running in Mali, was closed with an end evaluation. The report on this evaluation is expected to be finalized soon.

The strategy of the project consisted of the following three elements:

  1. Studies and consultations with stakeholders to clarify and prioritize skills needed to achieve learning on IWRM, integrating gender and the professional sector in Mali
  2. Implementation of the IWRM capacity building plan, multidisciplinary training, research
  3. Awareness raising on and support for IWRM in Mali


As one of the important results, on 21 October 2020, the Master on IWRM was officially launched, and inscription for students opened. This Master was jointly set up by and is now offered by the four institutes mentioned below for higher education in Mali.

The project was carried out by a consortium consisting of:

  • Mali:
    • IPR-IFRA: Polytechnical Rural Institute for Education and Applied Research (Katibougou)
    • ENI-ABT: National Engineering Institute Abderhamane Baba Touré (Bamako)
    • USJPB: Juridical and Political University (Bamako)
    • USTTB: University for Sciences, Technique and Technology (Bamako)
  • Netherlands / France:
    • ICRA: International Centre for Development oriented Research in Agriculture (Wageningen, NL)
    • MetaMeta Research (‘s Hertogenbosch, NL)
    • Montpellier SupAgro: Institute for Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment (Montpellier, FR)
    • Aidenvironment (Amsterdam, NL)


For more information, please contact Niels Lenderink