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Aidenvironment supports Repórter Brasil and the protection of journalism against online and physical attacks

Repórter Brasil, one of our vital partners in Brazil, is under attack. In the past days, attackers took down Repórter Brasil’s website and attempted to break into their office in São Paulo (Brazil).

Repórter Brasil is a civil society organization focused on research, education, and journalism. Founded 20 years ago, it has contributed to human rights and environmental protection and stronger commitments to sustainability, especially in sectors linked to commodities production in Brazil. Their research and investigative journalism within the cattle sector have been instrumental in moving the sector towards transparency and socio-environmental commitments, creating ripples of impact in the international arena beyond Latin America.

The online attacks and physical threats on Repórter Brasil are unacceptable. It is a threat to internationally protected rights to freedom of speech and undermines the role of civil society organizations in denouncing crimes and injustice. Aidenvironment, as a partner of Repórter Brasil and an organisation that advocates for the protection of the environment and human rights, hereby states its deep concern for this situation and we reaffirm our continued support to Repórter Brasil’s work.

Annemieke Beekmans
Aidenvironment Director

Amsterdam, 15 January 2021

Please find Repórter Brasil Press Release on the current situation here.