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World Wetlands Day 2021: Wetlands and Water

February 2nd, the World Wetlands Day was celebrated under the theme ‘Wetlands and Water’. A day that should not go unnoticed since we are facing a growing freshwater crisis. We use more freshwater than nature can replenish. We are destroying ecosystems that water and life depend on most, the wetlands. We need to quickly think of creative approaches that can reverse this trend if we are to secure our future.

RAIN a brand of Aidenvironment, has piloted an initiative that increases the capacity of wetlands to retain more water during the rainy season, and slowly releases it to the down stream system during the dry season. The technology makes use of elevated road culverts to create an artificial wetland at the upstream side of the dam. It can then be used as a source of water during dry season, as well as a buffer during storm events which occur throughout the wet season. This project Green infrastructure for water security was first piloted in Agago District, in Olwelowidel village. Evidence has shown that the water retained upstream of the culverts has resulted in quick regeneration of wetland vegetation. Water is now available for multiple uses even during the dry season, which used to not be the case. We hope to secure more resources to support communities living adjacent to the wetland in starting micro irrigation for short term crops and vegetables for commercial and home consumption. In addition, this pilot project, also improved access to the market since transportation of produce to the nearby markets is much easier. Flooding is now under control to a great extent. Students can reach school with ease. 

Realizing the benefits that have accrued with just a simple pilot, what impact could we create if this was scaled up by the many players out there? Working together, it is possible to save wetlands.