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Our April 2021 Newsletter is Out Now

The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Risks Report indicates that climate change, biodiversity loss and the water crisis are some of the top risks we face over the next 10 years.
In this newsletter, we share specific examples of how Aidenvironment is working to reduce the impact of the key drivers of these risks – through supporting agricultural and forest land use initiatives and investigating companies’ links to global production and trade.

The Aidenvironment Team

In this issue:
  • Aidenvironment Reports on One of Indonesia’s Largest Deforesters
  • South Korean Companies in the Palm Oil Industry
  • Inclusive Trade Scan for Businesses, NGOs, Governments, and Donors
  • AATIF | Camel Flour Outgrower Programs
  • Accessing water in the Agogo Rock Catchment, Uganda
  • Webinar: How satellite data can help measure & manage deforestation risks