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Japanese Companies’ Major Financiers and Buyers of Unsustainable Palm Oil and Plywood

Aidenvironment published a report this week, on the role of Japan in the worldwide palm oil and timber market. The paper, co-written with our Chain Reaction Research consortium partners Profundo and Climate Advisors, highlights that major Japanese trading corporations ITOCHU, Mitsubishi, Mitsui & Co., Sojitz, and Sumitomo, are buyers and financiers of unsustainable palm oil and/or plywood. Additionally, it highlights how Japan’s large demand for Indonesian plywood is linked to deforestation and leakage palm oil.

We have collaborated with Japanese organizations Plantation Watch and the Japan Tropical Forest Action Network (JATAN) to guarantee validated data, as well as a better uptake of the report information in Japanese society. Plantation Watch’s media director Youki Mikami stated:

“I can see those actual names of companies in irresponsible and unsustainable acts and data. Simply because it is so rare to see those facts put out in any papers or campaigns organized by NGOs or civil society entities in Japan. The paper is like a breath of fresh air under the circumstances.”

For more information about the report, please reach out to Sarah Drost