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Advancing Data-Driven Decisions for Improved Water Security in East Africa

Aidenvironment is a member of the implementing team of the LASER PULSE East Africa Water Security (LPEA-WS) Project.

Inaugurated in September 2020, this two-year project provides insights on the contribution of data to decision support systems to improve water resources (quantity, quality) management and, ultimately, water security in East Africa: Murchison Bay Watershed (Uganda), River Simiyu Watershed (Tanzania), and Sasumwa River Watershed (Kenya).

The project is a collaborative initiative funded by USAID and implemented by water resource institutions  in Kenya (Resource Plan), Tanzania (University of Dar es Salaam & Global Water Partnership Tanzania), and Uganda (Makerere University & Aidenvironment). The lead partner is Purdue University, USA.

The project uses a combination of existing climate data, rainfall data, and a modeling approach using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT).  Current and potential future states of water resources in the study areas are analyzed, leading to:

  1. ready-to-use data products comprising current and future water budgets and associated accounts of extreme occurrences such as very heavy rainfall or dry periods,
  2. default model parameter sets that can be used in other areas beyond the study sites,
  3. a quick-reference report summarizing current and future states of water resources based on water budgets, forecasts, and analysis of shocks,
  4. training manuals to help project partners and other end-users understand and use the data products, modeling results, and other outputs from this project; and,
  5. processed climate and water data used in this project to the extent permitted by its original owners.


All products will be publicly published.

Slide showing a snapshot of the project’s goal, approach, and outputs
A snapshot of the project’s goal, approach, and outputs

For more information, contact: James W. Kisekka