Meet our new team members

East Africa Office

Sarah Nulamansi


Fenet Mekonnen
Fenet holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management. She joined Aidenvironment in June 2021 as a young expert/project officer for the Green Future Farming program at Middle Awash Oromia, Ethiopia. She is based at the Doni field office and is highly motivated to contribute to the goals of program. Before joining Aidenvironment she worked for two years for the Norwegian Refugee Council as a WASH Technical Assistant. Through her experience of working in rural and remote parts of the country she has built good relationships with local and regional government officials, learned to work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds, and developed technical skills in designing and supervising water supply schemes.

Indonesia Office

Irene Purman Cahyani
Irene joined Aidenvironment in July 2021. Irene has almost 20 years’ experience providing technical assistance to climate resilience projects, engaging with government departments (including the Indonesian Ministry of Environment & Forestry, National Development Planning Agency, Regional Disaster Management Agency, and the Watershed Forum), leading focus group discussions with communities, conducting research, and implementing water conservation projects. Originally from East Nusa Tenggara, she will be based in Jogjakarta in Java, where she will manage our Sugar & Steam project. She will also travel to our project site in Ketapang to help manage our new CLUA-funded project to develop a social forestry policy with the district government.

Dwi Riyan

Riyan joined Aidenvironment as a project officer in 2021. Riyan has a background in science education and more than six years’ experience working for NGOs on community engagement, government advocacy, and environmental education, and has worked internationally. In 2018, he was nominated by Indonesia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs as an inspiring young person working for environmental preservation. Riyan is based in West Kalimantan. He works part time as he is studying for a Master’s degree in sustainable business and management at Gadjah Mada University Indonesia and Agder University Norway.